Photos 2003

In LA with Gisele Mackenzie who passed away just a few months later. Feb 2003

In LA with John Gummoe who wrote & sang RHYTHM OF THE RAIN Feb 2003

with Jane Olivor at Neil Sedaka Friars Club Salute March 2003

with former Ziegfeld girl Doris Eaton Travis at Hofstra University March 2003

In LA with Roger Atkins, lyricist of WORKIN ON A GROOVY THING May 2003

with Neil Sedaka at the mastering session of THE BROOKLYN DEMOS May 2003

with Randy Newman September 2003


with the legendary Betsy Palmer & DONNA REED SHOW star Paul Petersen October 2003


with Rupert Holmes & my childhood heartthrob MARGIE TV star Cynthia Pepper Oct 2003

with the legendary British hit songwriter Mitch Murray October 2003

Here I am with the two people that got me started--my mother had hired Frank Owens to play piano on my first demo in early 1967 (December 2003)

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